New Connie Picture Discovered in Archives

Reveals Two New Bridges, ‘Through Road’ and Marina

This remarkable Connie Linqvist water colour depicts a variation on the Rye Marina Plan that was put forward recently. It shows two new road bridges that keeps the A 273 main coast road running through South Undercliff. One
bridge would come off Winchelsea road in an area close to the Riverhaven Hotel and cross The Strand, proceeding along South Undercliff where it ‘straightens the corner’ and crosses the Rother on another road bridge. The area
behind South Undercliff would be flooded and made into a small Marina. New houses and a supermarket are shown on the Jempson’s and Bourne’s sites. The Strand would remain tidal but run as a large drain under a car park which
would extend from the Fish and Chip shop roundabout to the new bridge. Fishing boats can be seen moored around The Point, on the sea side of the new bridge, allowing them access to the sea on the highest tides when boats
moored to the north of the bridge would not be able to get under. The houses along South Undercliff appear to be completely new and built further from the cliff, allowing for the road to be widened. This would not solve the
vibration problem and the folk who presently occupy the existing dwellings may have some objections to the plan. Was the scheme a project thought out by Connie Lindqvist herself or was she illustrating someone else’s ideas? The
footbridge across the Strand, of which she produced another picture, is now incorporated in the town plan. Could this concept be adopted in the same way. Alas Connie is not here to tell us the origins of this idea. Never the less,
this is another glimpse of Connie’s artistic genius.

Rye’s Own February 2004

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