Major Shipping Incident Near Dover

Large ship is taking on water

650 foot Cargo vessel sailing under a Hong Kong flag loses engine power near Sanfire Hoe off Dover. She dragged her anchor  and collided with barge full of rocks (used for coastal defences). Coastguard reports the ship was holed and is taking water faster than her pumps can pump it out.

Dover and Dungeness Lifeboats have been launched and are standing by. Some of the crew have already been evacuated by helicopter. (11 reported to be airlifted off)

A powerful tug is racing to the scene from Boulogne and plans to tow the stricken vessel to safety

Ship involved appears to be the Saga Sky. A message from her at 10.19am says she is now under her own power speed 1.2 knotts. Lifeboats standing by. (Thanks to Jamie Hayden who worked out which ship it appears to be)

Latest position approx. 1.5 miles off Capel Le Ferne.

The French Tug  ABEILLE LANGUEDOC should be on the scene by 12 noon.

Anyone with pictures please post them on our Ryes Own Newsfeed page on facebook

Last Update … 21 November – Jamie Hayden tells us that the Saga Sky is now safely in port at Dunkirk

Rye’s Own Bulletin Sunday 20 November 2016

Is this the Tip of the Iceberg?


People Smuggling Across the English Channel

Immigration officials questioned twenty people, including two children, rescued from an inflatable boat off the Kent coast on Sunday 29 May.


Eighteen of those on board, proved to be Albanian migrants and two Englishmen, Robert Stillwell and Mark Stribling, who were later charged with immigration offences. Continue reading Is this the Tip of the Iceberg?

Classic Cars Shows

A Quality Show with a Quality Cast!

The Southern Sections of the Rolls Royce Enthusiasts’ Club are holding an International Weekend at Westenhanger near Hythe in Kent. The event will feature not only Rolls-Royce motor cars from all over Europe but will also present ‘The Best of British’ veteran, vintage and classic cars, with participation from local and national Owners Clubs. Individual owners are also taking part making it a truly spectacular display of our motoring heritage. Continue reading Classic Cars Shows

Cinque Ports Nonsense

By Jim Hollands

“What is all this Cinque Ports nonsense” I was asked by an old ‘Cockney’ gentleman the other day.

“Not half as complicated as the origins of the old ‘cockney’ tradition of sewing hundreds of buttons on jackets, trousers and hats.” was all I could think of as a reply.

Continue reading Cinque Ports Nonsense

New Home For War And Peace Show

The journey to War and Peace Revival from the heart by Show Organiser Rex Cadman It is reassuring to see the amount of talk about War and Peace, which underlines the incredible affection this show is held in. It has been a major part of mine and Barbara’s lives for 25-years and has given us some of our best memories, some of our toughest times and introduced us to some amazing and wonderful people. Continue reading New Home For War And Peace Show

Wartime Evacuee

As we bemoan the fact that life is getting tougher as the recession bites ever deeper into our pockets, let us just reflect back to a time when things were much harder and be grateful that we do not have to face the problems of an imminent invasion as was the case when Fred Heritage was at school. This article was published in “Rye’s Own” 10 years ago – Fortunately Fred is still with us to tell the tale. Continue reading Wartime Evacuee

Rye’s Cycling Mayor


Paul Osborne will go down in history as ‘Rye’s Cycling Mayor’ but he was much more than that. His casual style endeared him to the public and his practical approach to problems, through very difficult times, was emphasised by the way he got to grips with the Monkbretton Bridge works. Continue reading Rye’s Cycling Mayor

Balmoral Sails from Rye to Tower Bridge

400 Sail from the Rastrum Wharf at Rye Harbour

About 400 passengers, mostly from the Rye area, sailed from Rye Wharf at Rye Harbour on Wednesday 12 July on the Merchant Vessel Balmoral, bound for the Tower Pier. Continue reading Balmoral Sails from Rye to Tower Bridge