The Right Development At The Right Time

September 2012 saw the opening of a new 1500 sq. ft. myCostcutter forecourt shop for Skinners of Rye, Owner Gary Barlow is delighted with the positive effect the development is having on his business. Continue reading The Right Development At The Right Time

Rye’s Cycling Mayor


Paul Osborne will go down in history as ‘Rye’s Cycling Mayor’ but he was much more than that. His casual style endeared him to the public and his practical approach to problems, through very difficult times, was emphasised by the way he got to grips with the Monkbretton Bridge works. Continue reading Rye’s Cycling Mayor

Tanks in Rye

By Clifford Bloomfield

1940 Fair Meadow, Rye Hill, at that time was like open parkland and a good number of mature oak trees were spread over it. I recall seeing, when on our Sunday afternoon walks, a tented army camp with vehicles and tanks standing under the trees. Continue reading Tanks in Rye

Town Crier

2005 is an historic year for our small country which has had such a big influence on developing the world in which we live.

This year Rye will recall with pride the terrific efforts of our fighting men of the past who have ensured that the voice of England and Britain had the power to command our own destiny. Continue reading Town Crier

VE Day in RYE 8 May 2045

By David Pawsey

On May 8 sixty years ago the War in Europe came to a close and the population of Rye, who had been in the front line since War was declared on 3 September 1939, celebrated the news with impromptu parties and the hoisting of flags and draping of bunting across the streets. This, the most famous picture taken in Rye during the War, shows the Rye Home Guard on parade through Landgate. Taken in 1940, at the height of the invasion scare it reflects the determination that these men had to defend their town and country. Many went on to join the regular army. Continue reading VE Day in RYE 8 May 2045

Town Crier

Let A Lesson Be Learned From This Tragic Accident Graham Matthews was a popular 22 year old filled with life and enthusiasm. His untimely death when he was knocked off his bike on the Rye Harbour Road has shocked and saddened his family and friends. Everyone at “Rye’s Own” send their sincere condolences to his Mum and Dad and to Carol and Troy, our thoughts are with you. Continue reading Town Crier

Rye Raft Race

Back after year break

Rye Raft Race is back. It will take place on Sunday 15 August. The start and finish will be at different places on the river than last time to avoid the problem of louts throwing eggs from Monkbretton Bridge onto the participants. Continue reading Rye Raft Race

Jimper Gets Political

They are at it again. I’m talking about the leaflet from Rother announcing their plans for Rye. How two faced can they get? They claim they want Rye to prosper but offer no ideas or initiatives as how this can be achieved. Continue reading Jimper Gets Political