Congratulations George 105 Years Old

Happy Birthday George

On October 28, George Bayntun reached his 105 year Birthday and opened his Birthday and message  Card from The Queen in his own home.

George is still living in his home town of Rye in his own home and getting about in a motorised invalid vehicle doing his shopping, taking trips to the seaside at Rye Harbour and generally terrorising the population on this ‘Devil’s go-cart’. Continue reading Congratulations George 105 Years Old

Fish Supper for RNLI

RNLI Fish Supper on Sunday 16th October

After the tragic events which occurred off Camber this recent summer, The Gallivant will be hosting a delicious Fish Supper on Sunday 16th October from 6pm, in support of this country’s extraordinary public services, the RNLI, who are dedicated to saving lives at sea around the coasts of Britain and Ireland.
All proceeds from the Fish Supper will be donated directly to the RNLI, allowing not only The Gallivant but also friends, past guests and locals to show their support and appreciation for what the RNLI do 365 days of the year. Continue reading Fish Supper for RNLI

Balmoral at Rye 2016

Balmoral Arrives at Rastrum Wharf Rye Harbour

Merchant Vessel Balmoral arriving at Rastrum Wharf, Rye Harbour to pick up 800 passengers for a trip around the Kent Coast and up the Thames to Tower Bridge on Friday 17 June 2016.

Many pictures of Balmoral leaving in the July issue of “Rye’s Own” on Sale Friday 1 July 2016.

A “Rye’s Own” Film Released Sunday 19 June 2016

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The Opening of Graham’s Way

East Sussex County Councillor Carl Maynard open’s Graham’s Way with Graham’s Father Brian who has never given up the struggle to get the Cycle / Footway from Rye to Rye Harbour completed since his sons untimely death on the notorious stretch of Road in 2004. Continue reading The Opening of Graham’s Way

Jimper’s Jottings August 2000


Now there is a word to conjure with. I thought it meant planning, but councils don’t seem to grasp the fact that it is not just for today but for the future that real planning comes into its own. Rye is a very old town and to live on into the future it must breath and to do that it must move on and grow a little.

There is little room left in the town for homes to be built. So where to go? Rock Channel is out, its very low and could flood. East Guildford way would not help to pull the town together. Rye Hill? I don’t think so, Playden is not Rye and should stay separate. The real area for Rye to grow in during the next 100 years is Cadborough Farm, joining up New Winchelsea Road and West Undercliff. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings August 2000



Contrary to a rumour going around at the present time, this magazine does NOT get grants in any way, shape or form from council, government, lottery or any other agency. Our sole benefactors are you, the reader and our advertisers. Continue reading Editorial

Graham’s Way Could Be Completed By 12 August


New hope has emerged that “Graham’s Way”, the cycle footpath from Rye Harbour to Rye, will at last, be completed. The pathway was fought for by Brian Matthews whose son Graham was killed on the dangerous path-less road that claimed eleven lives over a period of forty years. Continue reading Graham’s Way Could Be Completed By 12 August

Old Fisherman of Rye

              Mr. Jacob “Shad” Gibbs 1865-1956

By Julie Brett (Ditcher)                 Great Granddaughter

Jacob was born in 1865 in Rye, his father and four brothers were all from Rye and were all fishermen as he was to become at the age of 11. From 1888-1890 he served as mate under skipper W. Bourne on the trawler S.S.Pionerre and from 1893-1897 he was the third hand under Master J.M. Breeds on the S.S.Crusader. Continue reading Old Fisherman of Rye