A Spice of Rye Life


Open Seven Days a Week

The Rye Spice Company have been providing an extensive range of dried Herbs, Spices, Fruit, Nuts and other culinary ingredients for 20 years.

Their main business has been supplying the Food Trade but an online shop was introduced due to high demand from the public. In March this year, Rye Spice converted their office into a shop and invited the public to come and buy direct. They supply the ‘Cottage Delight’ range as well as lots of other cooking ingredients and every conceivable spice from around the world. They are open seven days a week. Continue reading A Spice of Rye Life



Contrary to a rumour going around at the present time, this magazine does NOT get grants in any way, shape or form from council, government, lottery or any other agency. Our sole benefactors are you, the reader and our advertisers. Continue reading Editorial

Rod Shows Rye the Way


By Jim Hollands

Ex Motor racing driver Rod Chapman is leading the race to get Rye back into work and out of the recession.

His Atlas Business Park on Rye Harbour Road and the vast Rye Wharf site and accompanying facilities and ground contain dozens of local businesses providing work for hundreds of local people at Rye Harbour. Continue reading Rod Shows Rye the Way

Fire at Rye Harbour

Rye Harbour Firm Helps Fire Devastated CPW

Rod Chapman, Director of Atlas Industrial Park and Rastrum came to the rescue of fire stricken Country Pine Warehouses (CPW) in Rye Harbour Road, which was completely gutted at the beginning of July. Continue reading Fire at Rye Harbour


      Great Cover Picture

Even though it was a bit out of date arriving we thought we just had to use Dave Benns great photograph of the Kent Air Ambulance parked on the junction of Rye Harbour Road and New Winchelsea Road. It landed there a couple of months ago to help a stabbing victim. Fortunately the lad survived. Continue reading Editorial

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor.

The Trefoil Guide Ladies are busy with their plans and preparations for their forthcoming Flower Festival “Celebration of Scouting” which will take place on Saturday and Sunday 22 & 23 April at the Community Centre, Conduit Hill, Rye. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Pen & Ink


Dear Editor,

The enclosed copy photograph is of the Tug-of War Team of the Cinque Ports volunteer Reserve. They were the champion team at the Brigade Camp in 1895 photographed with their individual Cups displayed on the table before them. Continue reading Pen & Ink

Rye’s Own Editorial November 2004

A Matter of Priorities

What would the average man in the street think was the greater death risk, visiting Rye Cemetery or riding a cycle along the Rye Harbour Road? Every single person I asked thought it was a stupid question, without exception they said riding to Rye Harbour. Ask the same question of Rother District Council, they are knocking down headstones in our cemeteries as fast as they can and look like having to shell out £34,000 of our money to pay for it. That money would have gone a long way towards building a cycle / footpath down the two mile ‘Death Road’ that so recently cost the life of 22 year old Graham Matthews. Continue reading Rye’s Own Editorial November 2004

Stunning Exhibition at Rye Art & Framing Gallery

An amazing collection of paintings, many by local artists, are on display at the new Rye Art & Framing Gallery at the Atlas Industrial Estate on Rye Harbour Road. Continue reading Stunning Exhibition at Rye Art & Framing Gallery

The Jane Ann of Rye in Arundel 1898

By Ron Dellar

Almost two years now out of Rye – two years trying to get used to living here in West Sussex (it is different to East Sussex!) but two years in the course of which I have, on various occasions, been seen lurking round corners in Rye and two years in which time I have made a start in building a new life far away from the plots, plans and devious scheming that were so much part of my life in dear old Rye!

(If anybody would like to know more about my days in Rye and the good and maybe not so good things I got up to, I would be delighted to tell it all, the way it was…….) Continue reading The Jane Ann of Rye in Arundel 1898