Pen & Ink

Dear Editor.

The Trefoil Guide Ladies are busy with their plans and preparations for their forthcoming Flower Festival “Celebration of Scouting” which will take place on Saturday and Sunday 22 & 23 April at the Community Centre, Conduit Hill, Rye.

The show, from 10am -5pm each day will feature displays depicting the ‘Birth of Scouting’ and ‘Activity and Interest Badges’.

The Scouts will have their own exhibition in the centre of the hall, plus children’s competition and refreshments.

All proceeds will go towards the building of the new Scout Hut.

Delia Redman Trefoil Guild.

Dear Editor

I have read and pondered the correspondence concerning the long promised Cycle/Footpath for the Rye Harbour Road.

I use this road regularly and would love to cycle or walk the route more often than I dare do at present.

In various letters back and forth in “Rye’s Own” we were given assurance by you and the County Council people that some action would be apparent by the end of March.

As we are now coming into March I would appreciate an update as I have seen absolutely nothing on the road that would persuade me something is happening.

Many of us in Rye Harbour were hoping that in spring 2006 we would not again have to dodge lorries and cars but be able to safely walk or cycle along this dangerous road.

Do we need another death this year to galvanise County into action?

Heidi Foster Rye Harbour

The latest information from the County Council informs us that the project could not be started in this financial year as “funds were not available”. We are now told that the planning notices are about to be posted and work will start in April!

As Chairman of the Rye & District Wheelers and a friend of young Graham who was the cyclist killed so tragically just over a year ago I too am worried that there may soon be another death on this road. I am beginning to get angry about the many promises from County of ‘start dates’ that do not materialise. If the latest promise is not fulfilled the Wheelers have decided that more letters to everyone from the Prime Minister (which one?) down will be forwarded. Each will demand an answer and all answers will be published in this magazine. Ed.

Dear Editor

My sister Jackie and I are keen to arrange a reunion for all those who lived in Kings Avenue, Rye during the fifties and sixties.

I left Rye in 1978 but still visit my family regularly, some of whom still live in Kings Avenue.

We would be interested to hear from the families we grew up with including the Vicarey, Pierce, Scutt and Booth families, to name just a few.. I know my brothers are still in touch with Victor Vicarey and some of his brothers but it would be nice to hear from their sisters, Pam, Patsy and Irene. I did meet up with Victor and Ernie at my mum’s funeral and they were keen on the idea.

We desperately need people to help organise this reunion and if anyone out there is interested they can contact me on 01303 330421 or my sister Jackie on 01424 852426. Alternatively, if they have contact with my brothers, Trevor and Neville, they can let us know through them. I can also be contacted through Friends Reunited where Kings Avenue has some members.

We had a good childhood in Kings Avenue so it would be good to have the opportunity to all get together again. So please get in touch if you are interested.

Angie Wigging (formerly James) Dover

Dear Editor

Please keep up the good work. Your magazine has supported Rye against the unfair system of local government that has left the Town Council with few powers. My father taught me that the pen is mightier than the sword and that pen you use must be pretty large. More power to your elbow.

Robert Brown Tonbridge.

From “Rye’s Own” March 2006

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