Victoria’s Medal

Rye Celebration Medals

By Frank Palmer.

The issue of official medals for Royal celebrations such as Coronations
and Jubilees, were much more generous in the past and were pleasing
moments for the recipients who, in many cases, had been involved in
the event.

1897 was Queen Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee and a silver medal was issued
to Mayors and Provosts throughout the country, all 512 of them. In
Rye this medal was presented to Mayor Walter Fuller, he can be seen
wearing it in the photograph. Lord Mayors and Lord Provosts, just
fourteen recipients, received the same medal in gold.

The Mayor of Rye Walter Fuller
The Mayor of Rye Walter Fuller

A silver medal for Mayors and Provosts was also issued in 1902 for
the Coronation of Edward VII, Mayor Frank Jarrett would have been
the recipient in Rye.

Medals were also issued in 1887, Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee,
1897 The Diamond Jubilee and the Coronation of 1902 Edward VII to
members of the police and ambulance service. For George V’s Coronation
members of the Fire Brigade and Postal Service were also included.
A specific issue to each group was produced, 1911 being the last of
these issues. Illustrations are all of medals issued to the Metropolitan

“Rye’s Own” March 2006