A Spice of Rye Life


Open Seven Days a Week

The Rye Spice Company have been providing an extensive range of dried Herbs, Spices, Fruit, Nuts and other culinary ingredients for 20 years.

Their main business has been supplying the Food Trade but an online shop was introduced due to high demand from the public. In March this year, Rye Spice converted their office into a shop and invited the public to come and buy direct. They supply the ‘Cottage Delight’ range as well as lots of other cooking ingredients and every conceivable spice from around the world. They are open seven days a week. Continue reading A Spice of Rye Life

The Bentley at the Mermaid


In 1962 J E Hollands & Sons the Rye Television firm won a Bentley Open Tourer in an RGD Television Sales Competition.

One of their customers had the value of the Bentley, which at that time was £1,500 and the firm won a further £1,000 for their efforts. Continue reading The Bentley at the Mermaid

Odds & Ends from March 2005

Scallop or Scollop
from ‘Little by Little’


So Rye has just celebrated its third Scallop Festival? It’s what? I hear you say. Yes that’s right, a Scallop Festival. Now forgive me please for I am just a humble Sussex man, born and bread. All my life, and in my ignorance, I have always Continue reading Odds & Ends from March 2005

Large Ships at The Strand

Less than fifty years ago large coasters were coming right up into the Strand and unloading timber and other cargo. This picture shows the Tubo’, a Dutch vessel, unloading a cargo of timber for Thomas Hinds & Sons whose Timber Yard was where Strand Court Senior Citizens Residence stands today.

Continue reading Large Ships at The Strand

Trawler Margaret Blows Up – Six Killed


Six Brave Rye Fshermen Killed in Wartime Tragedy

There was only one survivor when the Rye Trawler ‘Margaret’ was blown to pieces by an enemy mine as they fished in the bay they knew so well. Continue reading Trawler Margaret Blows Up – Six Killed

Boulogne Trip for Small Boats

Rye Small Boat Fleets Boulogne Trip

Eighteen small boats from the Port of Rye tied up in Boulogne Harbour over the Whitsun holiday and their crews enjoyed a few days on French soil. The small fleet left Rye Harbour in the early morning of Whit Saturday and set off into the stiff wind heading for Dungeness Point and then on to Boulogne.


On the cross channel journey, somewhere between Dungeness and Boulogne, tragedy struck the eighteen foot boat “Rosina”. No other boat was near her when she ran into trouble. The crew of  two, Mr. Gibson, a grocer of Ferry Road, Rye and his brother-in-law, Mr. Skinner were lost. When the “Rosina” was reported missing a full scale search was mounted but despite the clear weather the damaged boat was not found until the following Tuesday, one body was recovered by a fishing boat. Several of the boats turned back at about the half way point on the outward journey but 18 boats, including the “Little Robert” with our camera team aboard, continued on course and safely put into Boulogne Harbour.

RX 257 Leaving Boulogne Harbour
RX 257 Leaving Boulogne Harbour
'Little Robert' in Mid Channel
‘Little Robert’ in Mid Channel

“Little Robert” the smallest and slowest of the boats to complete the trip, was at sea for seven hours. The wind was still fairly strong when the time came for the return trip but with favourable tides and currents the Rye fleet made good time. All 18 boats were safely in Rye Harbour by 6.30 on Whit Monday evening. “Little Robert” took only 5 hours for the 40 mile return crossing. Boats to complete the trip were — Sariki, Waterwitch, Atlanta, Scoter, Zingara, Shelduck, Chiloe, Inverurie, Condeline, Goose-Girl, Dove, Manana, Red Cloverx, Alouette, Little Robert, Industry II, Veritas, Sagapo.

From “Rye’s Own” July 1966 Issue