Arthur’s Cinque Ports Street


By Arthur Woodgate

As one of the men who pulled the “Bijou” down I was urged by my own memories to put the story of the “Bijou” and other Cinque Ports Street buildings, as far as I can remember, into writing. Continue reading Arthur’s Cinque Ports Street

Large Ships at The Strand

Less than fifty years ago large coasters were coming right up into the Strand and unloading timber and other cargo. This picture shows the Tubo’, a Dutch vessel, unloading a cargo of timber for Thomas Hinds & Sons whose Timber Yard was where Strand Court Senior Citizens Residence stands today.

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Rye at Work 1950s


Thomas Hinds & Sons (Rye) Ltd.

by  D.  G.  Southerden

In Rye and district the name of Hinds is synonymous with the word “Timber”. For more than a century this family business, now under the name of Thomas Hinds & Sons (Rye) Ltd., has been importing and selling softwood to the builders and other users of timber in this area. Continue reading Rye at Work 1950s