George Bayntun at 104 Enjoys the New Cycle/FootPath

By Derek Bayntun


Its good that Graham’s Way is at last completed and the vegetation has been cut back, pity about the white lines confusing the edge of the path and kerb at night. That needs addressing.

Cycle Path - Opening of Graham's Way
Cycle Path – Opening of Graham’s Way
Cyclist ride off the end of the cycle path at a point only a few yards
Cyclist ride off the end of the cycle path before it’s completion

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Cycle / Footpath Finished Today

Graham’s Way will be Officially Opened Next Tuesday

“Rye’s Own” Reports :-

It is almost eleven years since Graham Matthews was knocked off his bike on Rye Harbour Road and killed.


This was a notoriously dangerous stretch of road to anyone walking as there were no places to get off the road, the verges were covered in brambles and undergrowth right up to the edge of the turnpike. Continue reading Cycle / Footpath Finished Today


      Great Cover Picture

Even though it was a bit out of date arriving we thought we just had to use Dave Benns great photograph of the Kent Air Ambulance parked on the junction of Rye Harbour Road and New Winchelsea Road. It landed there a couple of months ago to help a stabbing victim. Fortunately the lad survived. Continue reading Editorial

Rye Harbour Cycle Path Update

By Brian Mathews


Recently I received a telephone call from James Harries, the officer from East Sussex County Council who has oversight of the cycle path development in this area. Continue reading Rye Harbour Cycle Path Update