Great Cover Picture

Even though it was a bit out of date arriving we thought we just had to use Dave Benns great photograph of the Kent Air Ambulance parked on the junction of Rye Harbour Road and New Winchelsea Road. It landed there a couple of months ago to help a stabbing victim. Fortunately the lad survived.

                         Supporters Needed

Are you supporting Rye United? They do need a bit of help right now. The team are fighting hard to avoid relegation from Division One of the Sussex County League and beginning to win what seemed a losing battle.

Do get down to The Salts for their next home league game at 2pm. on Saturday 15 March when they play Chichester who are just five points ahead at the time of writing this Editorial. Rye also have games in hand over most teams above them. A few extra supporters and a bit more cheering will make all the difference.

                   Boost to the Environment

Well done Rye Wheelers. The Club now has a membership of over eighty. More and more they are seeing family memberships taken out. What a boost to the environment, every mile on a bike is a mile not using fuel of any kind save a bit of honest sweat. Look at the saving on health care, cyclists are known to live to a greater age than any other section of the community. The club has two members of 74 still racing to a very high standard, indeed, one of them was a VTTA (over 40) One Hundred Mile National Team Champion last year. There are ten or more members in their sixties racing regularly and countless riders over forty. Among the racing members of the Club a dozen ladies are competing.

Many riders just like to go out for a spin in good company. These are well catered for too, with club runs on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. “Bike it, You’ll Like It” claimed Ernie Odell the Cycle Man who used to have a shop in Market Road, a slogan the Wheelers should adopt to attract more members. Cycling is good for weight loss, health, adventure, competition or just plain enjoyment we recommend it thoroughly. Give it a try.

                    Safe Way to Rye Harbour

On the subject of cycling and keeping fit a new boost to both cyclist and walkers and even more importantly, to the people who live or work in Rye Harbour or on the Rye Harbour Road, the new cycle/footpath will be completed by May.

“Graham’s Way” as it will be known, after the lad who lost his life while on a cycle ride with his little boy and a friend, will provide a ‘safeway’ to the Harbour village and the coastal ride and walk beyond that takes in the beautiful Rye Harbour Nature Reserve. The next step should be to provide another cycle/footway to link Winchelsea Beach with the Cadborough Cliff cycle path that would allow a circular ride or walk in safety.

Moves are already in hand to link Graham’s Way to the existing cycle path through Camber Fields and on to Lydd.

If the Camber – Lydd and Rye – Cadborough Cliff – Winchelsea tracks were upgraded and covered with Tarmac and a further cycle road provided that linked the Camber and Cadborough cycle paths via the north of Rye, this town would have a network of safe cycle/footpaths that would be used both for leisure and other safe journeys.

A start has been made, lets keep up the good work and do our bit for the environment.

“Rye’s Own”  March  2008

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