Rye Loses Popular Local Character

Rye has lost a popular figure. Peter “Pip” Sivers, who died very recently, was a well known character in the town. He was best known as a bus driver and was still driving the Jempsons bus very shortly before his sudden death. Continue reading Rye Loses Popular Local Character

The Jane Ann of Rye in Arundel 1898

By Ron Dellar

Almost two years now out of Rye – two years trying to get used to living here in West Sussex (it is different to East Sussex!) but two years in the course of which I have, on various occasions, been seen lurking round corners in Rye and two years in which time I have made a start in building a new life far away from the plots, plans and devious scheming that were so much part of my life in dear old Rye!

(If anybody would like to know more about my days in Rye and the good and maybe not so good things I got up to, I would be delighted to tell it all, the way it was…….) Continue reading The Jane Ann of Rye in Arundel 1898