Rye Secondary School Soccer Team 1954

Rye Secondary Modern. 4     Hastings Modern 1

To those of us that remember the great victory, beating the top Hastings soccer school in that exiting final, it seems only yesterday. In fact it was fifty-six years ago when the youth of Rye made off with the magnificent Hastings Shield. Continue reading Rye Secondary School Soccer Team 1954

Rye Loses Popular Local Character

Rye has lost a popular figure. Peter “Pip” Sivers, who died very recently, was a well known character in the town. He was best known as a bus driver and was still driving the Jempsons bus very shortly before his sudden death. Continue reading Rye Loses Popular Local Character

Bob Huxstep


There are very few people in this town over the age of forty who were not taught by Bob Huxstep. He was one of those few very special people one meets in a lifetime whose example leaves a lasting influence. Continue reading Bob Huxstep

Pen & Ink April 1966

Dear Sir,

I was a little surprised to hear that at some date in the foreseeable future Rye’s existing system of secondary education, namely the Grammar and Modern schools are to be replaced by a comprehensive school, which, if nothing else, is going to involve a great deal of expenditure. Brigadier H. P. Gardham told the audience on 7th January that this was not a “political issue”, but an attempt to create the finest educational system for the area, adding that “we must do what is best for the children”. One is therefore entitled to ask what benefits are to be Continue reading Pen & Ink April 1966