Football Returns to Rye Salts

Rye Town v JC Tackleway

Soccer is coming back to The Salts. What a great pleasure it is to write those words. It seemed that after the death of Rye United there would never be another match played at Rye.

Now, after great efforts by a group of Rye enthusiasts the old name of Rye Town, made famous for football successes in the early 1900’s, has been revived for a new team that will carry on the tradition of football in this Ancient Town. Continue reading Football Returns to Rye Salts

Rye Secondary School Soccer Team 1954

Rye Secondary Modern. 4     Hastings Modern 1

To those of us that remember the great victory, beating the top Hastings soccer school in that exiting final, it seems only yesterday. In fact it was fifty-six years ago when the youth of Rye made off with the magnificent Hastings Shield. Continue reading Rye Secondary School Soccer Team 1954

A Rye Childhood

by Noel C. A. Care

When Rye Were Playing At Home

Alongside the river side path were the fishermen’s, huts against which we used to shelter from the very, east wind, whilst watching the football.  This was a Saturday afternoon treat with my father when Rye were playing at home. Continue reading A Rye Childhood