All Our Yesteryears

 By Jim Hollands

Who were the driving forces in the town fifty years ago? Who were in power at Rye Town Hall in the 1960’s? What was it like to live in a democratic Rye that ran its own affairs and was responsible for its own planning? 1965 and 66 were great years for Rye. The Borough Council was made up of twelve elected councillors and four Aldermen nominated by the councillors. Alderman  John  Hacking, farmer, was Mayor. He was hard working and influential, leading a group of excellent men and women who were all labouring to benefit Rye and the people of Rye. Continue reading All Our Yesteryears

The Power of Wellbeing

An opportunity for Rye Town Council to put action to the words

By Jim Hollands

It’s all gone quiet at Rye Town Hall – All the build up and work that went into gaining ‘Quality Town Status’ and earning a framed certificate and the elusive ‘Power of Wellbeing’ has come to nothing, just as those who thought up the scheme probably knew it would end! Continue reading The Power of Wellbeing

Rye in the Sixties

Swinging 60's

By Jim Hollands

If you were one of those that lived in Rye during the 1950’s and 60’s you will remember many of the faces of those appearing in this feature. Continue reading Rye in the Sixties

Rye Maritime Festival 2008

Rain Did Not Stop the Fun

The Maritime Festival seems cursed with bad weather. Despite this,
however, the day was a great success and a large crowd enjoyed the
many attractions and spectacle of the boats and yachts bedecked with
bunting. Continue reading Rye Maritime Festival 2008

Adventures in Rye

It is five years since Winnie Hollands passed on but her memory remains, reinforced with the words she wrote in her ADVENTURES IN RYE series published in “Rye’s Own”. Some brave words written as she lived in the knowledge of her imminent death are reprinted here as a tribute to a woman who was liked and respected by all who knew her and dearly loved by her immediate and extended family. Continue reading Adventures in Rye

A Rye Childhood

by Noel C. A. Care

When Rye Were Playing At Home

Alongside the river side path were the fishermen’s, huts against which we used to shelter from the very, east wind, whilst watching the football.  This was a Saturday afternoon treat with my father when Rye were playing at home. Continue reading A Rye Childhood

Town Crier – May 2005

By Jim Hollands

Lost Opportunity

I was saddened but not altogether surprised when Rye Councillors turned down the invitation from the newly formed ‘Democracy for Rye’ group to provide two members to help with initiating a plan that would eventually lead to Rye getting back the powers and properties that it lost to Rother District Council in 1973.

There are good men and women on Rye Council, many of whom are personal friends. I do not doubt their sincerity and admire the hard work and many hours they put in as councillors, all completely voluntary, but when I sit in at the Town Hall meetings and listen to their articulate debate I am frustrated that their words carry little weight and absolutely no power. Rye is ruled by the iron fist of Rother District Council led by a majority group of Bexhill area representatives. Continue reading Town Crier – May 2005

Prewar Rye Sports Long Distance Race Winner

The ‘Long Distance Race’ at Rye Sports

Started with two laps of the Track then moved to the road via Peasmarsh & Iden. The distance was nine miles

The recent article in Rye’s Own on the Long Distance Race and Rye Sports ‘Like Grandfather, Like Father, Like Son’ brought back memories for Mary Hall of Continue reading Prewar Rye Sports Long Distance Race Winner