Important Meeting at Tilling Green

A meeting at Tilling Green Community Centre kicked off a great idea that could result in the revival of former Rye Annual Events, help existing events and encourage Rye United Football Club to live again. Twenty people, including some of the best ‘committee workers’ in the land, attended and with Councillor Mike Boyd in the Chair.

Some of those attending the meeting
Some of those attending the meeting

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Rye Maritime Festival 2008

Rain Did Not Stop the Fun

The Maritime Festival seems cursed with bad weather. Despite this,
however, the day was a great success and a large crowd enjoyed the
many attractions and spectacle of the boats and yachts bedecked with
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Town Crier July 2006

Rye Town Council Did Their Best

There has been criticism of Rye Town Council over the recent chaos caused by the resurfacing work at South Undercliff. I must spring to the defence of the council and lay the blame where it belongs, on the doorstep of East Sussex County Council and the Highway Agency.

The Rye Town Manager was designated, through Rye Partnership, to co-ordinate the closure arrangements. Keen and efficient as Yolanda Laybourne is she did not have the local knowledge to carry out this task, it should have been the elected Rye Town Council made responsible for the job, not the non-elected Partnership. Continue reading Town Crier July 2006