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Dear Editor

May I first congratulate everyone involved in the construction of the new Harbour Road Cycle Path which I use every day to get to work.

So can you imagine my annoyance when I see in the morning heavy goods vehicles using it as a lorry park.

This is going to destroy the new path in no time at all. Considering the lengths it took in time and money to get it to this stage, it would be a shame to see it ruined in a matter of weeks.cailkling

I work for a removal company and I know how difficult it can be to find parking for a large vehicle overnight. I think if the lorry in the picture had parked on the road adjacent to the cycle path it would be acceptable. Maybe we could have some concrete bollards put in place along the path to deter this from happening.

Jon Beasley                                                                 Rye & District Wheelers

I agree Jon, the path was not built to support 32 tonne lorries. The Police are the enforcing agents, they should be booking every car, lorry or coach driver (whether they speak English or not) that park this way. Phone them every time, up to now they have been too lenient, there is half a million pounds worth of ratepayers money invested here. Ed.

Letters to: The Editor “Rye’s Own” 14 Rope Walk Mews, Rye, East Sussex, TN31 7NA Dear Editor I do hope you all found our recent presentation in Rye interesting and informative. I would like to once again thank you for your time and attention.

As our presentation indicated, our work in the area is helping troubled children and adults with disabilities towards a more positive direction. In particular, through focusing on each individual’s difficulty, music therapy is enabling them to overcome some of the hurdles they have already had to face in their young lives. As such they are able to participate with improved results at school, which in turn will lead the child towards a better future.

The Otakar Kraus Music Trust receives no government funding for our work and, sadly, it is those who can least afford our services that are the ones who most need it. I make no apology therefore for re-iterating a request for financial help.

£35 is the cost of each music therapy session – the same cost of becoming a Friend of the Trust. £1,000 will keep a child in therapy for a year. By joining together with a few friends, your group could provide a bursary for a child for a year. We will of course let you know how this child is progressing so that you can learn first hand how you have helped.

I cannot emphasise enough how we need your help to allow us to continue with our valuable work in Rye. I would just like to remind you of a quote from one of therapist Liz’s children after he had finished his sessions with her. “I can”, he said. So can we – with your support. Tel: 01797 223920

Margaret Lobo

Director                                                     Otakar Kraus Music Trust

Dear Editor

Tim Phillips here, thank you for your write up re Simmons Fishing Quay Open Day, great. I have been asked once again to book the live music acts for the up and coming Maritime Festival to be held at The Strand on the 3rd aug, ( 12pm till 5pm) As there seem to be little or no adverts for this event could you give a mention in “Ryes Own” please. Top ‘Live Acts’ this year Three bands’ SLAM, THE 1066 ROCKITMEN, and the fabulous DUKE BOX, also on stage Claudia Coleman fresh from the Black Horse Festival, plus guests.

This is a great event that helps local charities and is FREE to attend.

Tim Phillips

Rye’s Own July 2008

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