Celebrity Chef John Torode coming to Jempson’s Peasmarsh

John Torode at Peasmarsh

Celebrity Chef John Torode coming to Jempson’s Peasmarsh BBC MasterChef John Torode will be cooking up a storm at family owned independent Jempson’s Peasmarsh on Friday 16th December.

The hugely popular chef will be hosting two ‘Meet the Expert’ cookery demonstration events during the evening at 6pm and 8pm. John is best known as the straight-talking co-host and judge of BBC1’s MasterChef, Celebrity MasterChef and Junior MasterChef.

Celebrity Chef John Torode
Celebrity Chef John Torode

Australian by birth, John is credited as one of the main players in introducing Continue reading Celebrity Chef John Torode coming to Jempson’s Peasmarsh

Rye’s Own – July 2016

Contents for July 2016 Issue


Jimper in Recent Years
Jimper Sutton

Jimper Sutton, our number One contributor since 1966, died just about the time the July Issue of “Rye’s Own” reached the printing press. Too late for even a mention of his sad passing to be recorded in this issue but there are some of his stories included. Continue reading Rye’s Own – July 2016

Jimper Will Never Die – He Lives on in His Stories

A Great Ryer and Englishman who had a Heart of Gold and who could bring the the World Alive with just a Pen

There are some people you meet as you go along time’s highway that are much larger than life. Jimper was one such person.

A country man with an unrivalled knowledge of plants and animals and an instinctive ability to write about them, or anything else if it came to it. Almost his entire life is documented in the hundreds of stories, books and articles he wrote.

No one could forget the opening line in the story of his early years Continue reading Jimper Will Never Die – He Lives on in His Stories

Today is Jimper’s Birthday

Jimper is Very Poorly

Jimper has been writing articles and stories in “Rye’s Own” since 1966. He has become Rye’s best known character, with followers all over the country and indeed, all over the World.

He has met Royalty and Politicians, been on Television on innumerable occasions, written twenty books from which the proceeds have all gone to local charities. Continue reading Today is Jimper’s Birthday

February “Rye’s Own”

February 2016 hard copy issue of “Rye’s Own” on sale at all  Rye Newsagents from the first day of February. January issue still available at newsagents until 31 January. Continue reading February “Rye’s Own”

No Petrol or Diesel anywhere Cheaper than Jempsons

First Under £1 per litre – Still none cheaper in the Country

Jempsons were the first to sell Petrol for less than £1 – Followed more than two weeks later by Asda & Tesco – They were also first under £1 with Diesel and first to sell diesel for less than petrol.

They are still lowest although Morrison’s and Tesco are now equalling their price there are none that I can find anywhere in the country that are cheaper. In London this morning petrol was selling at £1.04 – As seen on the BBC News.


Rye’s Own Opinion

Stephen and Andrew Jempson have had a lot of criticism  over their new parking charges at the Rye Shop – but the £100,000 a year rates bill from Rother and the number of people that just use the car park as a convenience have forced them to devise a system that allows their customers to park for free and those that do not use the shop to pay. Seems fair enough to me.

A lot of people would like to have seen Tesco or Sainsbury in the town, but it appears that neither wanted to come to Rye, they just wanted stop anyone else using the site and persuade those that visit their stores in Hastings to still drive there. Even if you used Jempson’s cheap petrol to get there and saved 2p. on a bag of sugar or 10p off Polish milk powder it would still work out cheaper to shop in Jempsons or Cost Cutters in Rye, especially if you took time into consideration.

We have shopped at Jempsons for years and have no complaints. Their staff are polite and helpful. They sell “Rye’s Own” and support  a host of other local businesses’ products.

If you do have complaints about Jempsons you can and speak to ‘The Boss’ personally. At what other supermarket would that be possible?

Come on Rye – Lets be fair and give credit where it is due. Stephen and Andrew Jempson are local lads who have devoted their life to their business. They employ many people from Rye and the villages. They support local activities and charities and do their best to give their customers a fair deal. Would the Jempson family business have grown from a small village stores into what it has become today if they did not do that?

“Rye’s Own” Bulletin 18 January 2016

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A Rye without Businesses and Shops

As Rye’s Own moves into another year we thank all our advertisers, readers and newsagents for the support they have given us through 2015. Without them hard copy versions of the magazine would not be possible.

Readers are asked to support Rye traders whenever they can. Just imagine Rye without businesses and shops. It would be a boring, lifeless place. By shopping in town you are helping Rye. You may save a few bob by travelling to Hastings or Ashford but is it really worth your time and trouble? Continue reading A Rye without Businesses and Shops

Parking Charges at Jempsons Rye Car Park


This notice has just been sent me from Jempsons. Readers will see they have tried to meet the many questions and problems of their customers and altered the parking charges to help the customers to their store, making it free to those that shop for less than an hour and completely free before 9am and after 6pm. It will mean, in practice, that there will always be room for customers to park.

Official Notice from Jempsons

Continue reading Parking Charges at Jempsons Rye Car Park