Jimper Will Never Die – He Lives on in His Stories

A Great Ryer and Englishman who had a Heart of Gold and who could bring the the World Alive with just a Pen

There are some people you meet as you go along time’s highway that are much larger than life. Jimper was one such person.

A country man with an unrivalled knowledge of plants and animals and an instinctive ability to write about them, or anything else if it came to it. Almost his entire life is documented in the hundreds of stories, books and articles he wrote.

No one could forget the opening line in the story of his early years Continue reading Jimper Will Never Die – He Lives on in His Stories

When The World Was Younger

”Street Cred’ was not measured by the latest ‘smart phone’ but who could get the largest inflated ‘inner tube’ …. Paul Vincent This publication has always been known for its high ‘nostalgia’ content. Why do our readers enjoy these articles, pictures and memories from the past? Continue reading When The World Was Younger

Jimper – July 2004

Balloon & Rock

Tuesday in Rye was a lovely night. A new moon had appeared to announce a new lunar month on earth. We will mention no names to protect the innocent. Let’s just say a certain eating house in town entertained an Elvis Presley lookalike and the place was packed with well known faces. I was kicked out of my usual coffee house and eleven o clock and as I made my way to my car, the din from the restaurant drew my attention. I was spotted by a certain merrymaker and invited inside to partake an excellent with amicable revellers. We all knew each other and the banter was easy and lively. The subject of the contents of my jacket Continue reading Jimper – July 2004