A Rye without Businesses and Shops

As Rye’s Own moves into another year we thank all our advertisers, readers and newsagents for the support they have given us through 2015. Without them hard copy versions of the magazine would not be possible.

Readers are asked to support Rye traders whenever they can. Just imagine Rye without businesses and shops. It would be a boring, lifeless place. By shopping in town you are helping Rye. You may save a few bob by travelling to Hastings or Ashford but is it really worth your time and trouble?

Jempsons at Peasmarsh were the first outlet in the whole of the UK to sell petrol for under £1 a litre – Their fuel has always been competitively priced. They are just three miles from Rye, and had a tiny village shop 50 years ago. Well done to the Jempson Brothers, who are local boys. They took on the Tescos and Sainsburys of this World and beat them at their own game. We should be proud of such initiative and determination but not surprised. Rye has always led the way, it was in Rye that the Reformation movement first caught the imagination of the rest of the country and it was Rye where the last Riot Act in England where the guns were actually fired,  took place.

Landgate Tower
Landgate Tower

Skinners have given Rye a second food supply outlet, open on Sundays for those that require to shop locally on the Sabbath. Their fuel is a bit more expensive but they are coping with the maximum number of cars that their forecourt can accommodate, so reducing the price would just overwhelm the only surviving garage in Rye. 40 Years ago there were five garages selling fuel in Rye and every village had it’s own garage and fuel pumps. Chain stores put an end to all that. There are very few independent garages left

We should be proud of all our local businesses who have survived in spite of the vast chain stores and the new trend of shopping on-line. Remember, money spent with local business usually stays in the area. Cash spent on-line and with the vast conglomerates ends up in the pockets of their shareholders.

Local events are supported by local business – Try asking Tesco for lots for the Bonfire Boys ‘Auction of Promises’ or Amazon for prizes for Rye Country Show.

Lets make 2016 the year when Rye stands up against Rother and demands the return of our property and car parks. Lets make it a year to support Rye and local work providers. Lets make this the year when Rye becomes proud again.


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“Rye’s Own” Bulletin 27 December 2015

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