What a Bloody Cheek!

By Jim Hollands

After years of neglecting Rye and the fabric of it’s ancient buildings which Rother District Council took on the responsibility for in 1974, they (Rother) now have the audacity to want to ‘sell’ the Landgate Tower back to Rye so that they (Rother District Council) can abdicate their responsibilities for maintaining an Historic Building.

If they have the power to give the Landgate back to Rye, then they are able to return all our Car Parks, Toilets, Parks and Gardens, property, and the £4,000,000 plus interest they have had after selling the Houses of Tilling Green which were built by Rye Borough Council. Continue reading What a Bloody Cheek!

The Heart of Rye

Ex -Pats Should Not Watch this Film Unless they Can Afford a Ticket to Rye

Another film from the Rye’s Own Archive part of the Rye Movie Society Collection. No credits came with this film so we don’t know who made it.

Rye in Bloom


This one will make an ex-pats homesick. It wanders round the town and church and ends with some magnificent views from the Church Tower. Continue reading The Heart of Rye

Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

The Rother Wreckers

They knocked down headstones in Rye Cemetery – They knocked down the Chapel in the Cemetery and turned it into an ‘Historic Relic’.

Rother have let the famous cobble streets of Rye fall into an abysmal state of repair and the Landgate is in such need of restoration due to their negligence over the years that it will soon be in a state of collapse. Continue reading Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

Jimper’s Jottings July 2015

Everything has done well in nature this year so far. Rye has seen a lot of visitors, the Landgate Arch is in a sad state, At the very top of this marvellous relic there still grows a large, and getting bigger by the day, bush.

The old Further Education Centre really has blossomed and come to life and is well patronised. the Rye bonfire boys held their auction of promises in the Mermaid and raised a record amount, so guaranteeing this year’s celebrations. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings July 2015

The Rye Ukulele Festival

Sunday 24th May 2015 at the Cinque Ports, Cinque Ports Street, Rye, TN31 7AN from 12.30 onwards.

The Rye Ukulele Experiment is delighted to announce the first Rye Ukulele Festival. Continue reading The Rye Ukulele Festival

The Bus Went to the Cinema

The bus that went to the cinema, or almost, as can be seen from the picture (Electric Palace in the Landgate is the building just beyond the bus with the coloured electric light bulbs in the shape of an arch). It was an East Kent converted charabanc on the Camber Rye Harbour service. Continue reading The Bus Went to the Cinema