Time has Come to Protect Rye from Rother

The Rother Wreckers

They knocked down headstones in Rye Cemetery – They knocked down the Chapel in the Cemetery and turned it into an ‘Historic Relic’.

Rother have let the famous cobble streets of Rye fall into an abysmal state of repair and the Landgate is in such need of restoration due to their negligence over the years that it will soon be in a state of collapse.

Charlie Coleman's Best Loved Cartoon - "The Tableaux will be bigger and better than ever". The Bonfire Boys. Inspired by a Tableaux designed by Charlie that was too tall to get through the Landgate.

Rother would like the Landgate to collapse, then they can cart the stones away and leave a stump as another Historic Ruin. – They only need a small excuse and they will Tarmac over our cobbles to save money.

Rother District Council has been a disaster for Rye since they came into being in 1974 and Rye Borough Council was disbanded.

Enough is Enough – The time has come for the people of Rye and those around the world who love this town, to make a stand.

Rye Mayor Bernardine Fiddimore is leading a fight to save Rye’s historic Landgate Arch. But Rye should not have to do this, the responsibility fell to Rother when they took over all this town’s property and assets.

“Rye’s Own” will support The Mayor to raise the cash but we feel the scheme should be expanded as a fight to save all of Rye’s historic buildings and streets and to get rid of Rother and return proper power to Rye to Run her own affairs as she did for 800 years before Rother took over.

Lets make a world wide appeal to SAVE RYE from ROTHER.  Put half the money raised towards restoring the Landgate and the Cobbles to their former glory and half to be used to promote a change in the law which will get Rye free of Rother’s ball and chain.

Rye’s Own Opinion –  2 October 2015

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