50 Years of “Rye’s Own”

The November 2015 Issue of “Rye’s Own” hits the newsagents exactly 50 years after the first copies of the popular little magazine went on sale in 1965.

To commemorate this historic landmark, a complete copy of the first issue will be available to readers of all Cinque Ports Magazine publications and regular users of our “Rye’s Own” website, completely free of charge. To get your copy sent by electronic post to your email address quote the following phrase in an email to jim@ryesown- .co.uk. “The sound of the Quarter Boys will draw you further than Gunpowder can blow you”. Add your email address and WE TRANSFER will drop one straight into your computer within hours.

ONE ONLY FREE HARD COPY of that first issue (with an Auction Price estimate of £50) will go to the first person who phones Rye’s Own on 01303 814874 with the answer to the “Whatisit” picture posted here.

                          More Good News

We have found a way of separating the three magazines in the group and making them all completely ‘title true’ again. “Rye’s Own” will be exactly what it says RYE’S OWN and contain articles pictures and stories relating directly to Rye.

“Hastings Town” will cover Hastings interest and “Cinque Ports” will be full of stories, pictures and features involving all the Cinque Ports and Limbs .

This will mean far more work for our hard pushed staff so we shall rely on lots of reports, pictures and articles from readers and contributors. Our “Pen & Ink” page is being re-introduced so readers are welcome to send in their letters and emails on anything appertaining to Rye, past or present.

Now a personal message from the Editor

50 years ago, when I started this little magazine, I had no idea where it all would lead.

I want to thank readers, contributors, advertisers, sponsors and newsagents for their support. We all have one thing in common, we love this little town that has survived French rape and pillage, and the Kaiser and Hitler Wars. Rother’s neglect has almost achieved what Hitler failed to do.

I shall be 77 this month and promise all Ryers, this magazine will fight to the very end of my strength to stop Rother doing what the French and Germans failed to do. I suspect their plan is to knock the Landgate down and leave two ‘stumps’ and call it an ‘historic monument’.Vaks

First Published in “Rye’s Own” November 2015

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