What a Bloody Cheek!

By Jim Hollands

After years of neglecting Rye and the fabric of it’s ancient buildings which Rother District Council took on the responsibility for in 1974, they (Rother) now have the audacity to want to ‘sell’ the Landgate Tower back to Rye so that they (Rother District Council) can abdicate their responsibilities for maintaining an Historic Building.

If they have the power to give the Landgate back to Rye, then they are able to return all our Car Parks, Toilets, Parks and Gardens, property, and the £4,000,000 plus interest they have had after selling the Houses of Tilling Green which were built by Rye Borough Council. Continue reading What a Bloody Cheek!

Jimper’s Jottings August 2005

The debates rumble on. he list is endless and it will forever be so until a group with some sense and no axe to grind takes over to plan Rye for the benefit of the town and the people who live here.

Lets face it, Rye lives as a viable place because of its tourists, the town must become even more friendly towards them. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings August 2005