Jimper’s Jottings August 2005

The debates rumble on. he list is endless and it will forever be so until a group with some sense and no axe to grind takes over to plan Rye for the benefit of the town and the people who live here.

Lets face it, Rye lives as a viable place because of its tourists, the town must become even more friendly towards them. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings August 2005

A Matter Of Common Sense

The recent disclosure of a substantial building development and Marina plan might be more convincing if Rye had already been provided with a Bypass to alleviate the already desperate situation that prevails in South Undercliff where heavy traffic vibrations are undermining the very foundations of the citadel, and a proper flood prevention plan that caters for water coming down the rivers as well as the danger of tidal water from the sea. Continue reading A Matter Of Common Sense