The Heart of Rye

Ex -Pats Should Not Watch this Film Unless they Can Afford a Ticket to Rye

Another film from the Rye’s Own Archive part of the Rye Movie Society Collection. No credits came with this film so we don’t know who made it.

Rye in Bloom


This one will make an ex-pats homesick. It wanders round the town and church and ends with some magnificent views from the Church Tower. Continue reading The Heart of Rye

Married at Ypres Castle


The Ypres Tower held it’s first ever wedding celebration on Friday 30th July 2010, the site (in much need of funds for a new roof to the former “women’s prison”, agreed to hold the wedding to raise it’s profile, and hopefully some attention to it’s cause. Continue reading Married at Ypres Castle


RYE TOWN HALL  by Gemma Pocock.

The hanging baskets and troughs of flowers outside Rye Town Hall took my eye as I passed by the other day. I knew a bit about St. Mary’s Church, Ypres Tower and The Landgate but very little about this imposing building. I was fascinated by what I found, hence this little piece about it. Continue reading RYE TOWN HALL

A Rye Childhood – Part 1


By Noel C. A. Care.

More Buildings and Games.

There were other buildings which found their way into our games. Brought up, as we were, in a town full of old buildings, we took little notice of them unless they affected us.There were two in Mermaid Street that became, even if only by implication, part of our games. Continue reading A Rye Childhood – Part 1

Famous Artists Leave Clues To Ypres By Frank Palmer

Anthony Van Dyck, portrait painter to King Charles I drew five views of Rye, two of which are of the Ypres Tower. Views No.1 (in the Fitzwilliam, Cambridge) and No.2 (in the Rotterdam Museum) were drawn in the 1630’s. No.1 also shows the Gungarden Gate, built in 1545 and pulled down in 1735; but I am at a loss to know why the roof is shown hipped, but in No.2 the roof is gable-ended! The suggestion that No.1 was drawn from the sea is most unlikely and unnecessary. Continue reading Famous Artists Leave Clues To Ypres By Frank Palmer

Rye Medieval Festival 2004

The order of Longbowmen present

“The Siege of Rye”

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July

On the Town and Fair Salts

Thanks to Rye Partnership’s successful EU bid, under Interreg 111A, Rye and our longbowmen are partnering the French village of Folleville to strengthen the links between us with funding to enhance both Medieval Festivals, ours in July and theirs in August. This funding will also support a proposed Medieval Conference here in 2006, the creation of a Medieval Trail around the town, the illumination of the Landgate and most important of all, essential restoration work on the Ypres Tower. The overall plan is to eventually make Rye an important centre for Medieval study. Continue reading Rye Medieval Festival 2004

Outstanding Vintage Rye Postcards

More Postcards by Albert Robert Quinton From The Frank Palmer Collection

Alfred Robert Quinton was the best known and most prolific artists working for J. Salmon Ltd. of Sevenoaks. Continue reading Outstanding Vintage Rye Postcards

Rye’s Own Pop Stars

The Cheeky Girls, Monica and Gabriela Irimia, returned to their adopted town of Rye for a flying visit on the Saturday before Christmas to help Santa distribute toys to the children who visited the Ypres Tower “Grotto.”

Monica and Gabriela, identical twins, came to Rye a year ago to live with their mother, Margaret and step-dad Ray. Their amazing path to stardom has come as Continue reading Rye’s Own Pop Stars