Scallop Festival

Celebrate the Scallop! If you’ve never watched a scallop race then you could be in for a real treat as the ancient Cinque Ports town of Rye, East Sussex heads towards its 11th Rye Bay Scallop week. The hilarious What a Load of Scallops race sees teams running around the town with barrow loads of shells, competing for the acclaimed Scallop Trophy. This is just one of the dozens of quirky events organised to celebrate the delicious shellfish for which Rye is justifiably renowned. Continue reading Scallop Festival

Famous Artists Leave Clues To Ypres By Frank Palmer

Anthony Van Dyck, portrait painter to King Charles I drew five views of Rye, two of which are of the Ypres Tower. Views No.1 (in the Fitzwilliam, Cambridge) and No.2 (in the Rotterdam Museum) were drawn in the 1630’s. No.1 also shows the Gungarden Gate, built in 1545 and pulled down in 1735; but I am at a loss to know why the roof is shown hipped, but in No.2 the roof is gable-ended! The suggestion that No.1 was drawn from the sea is most unlikely and unnecessary. Continue reading Famous Artists Leave Clues To Ypres By Frank Palmer