Scallop Festival

Celebrate the Scallop! If you’ve never watched a scallop race then you could be in for a real treat as the ancient Cinque Ports town of Rye, East Sussex heads towards its 11th Rye Bay Scallop week. The hilarious What a Load of Scallops race sees teams running around the town with barrow loads of shells, competing for the acclaimed Scallop Trophy. This is just one of the dozens of quirky events organised to celebrate the delicious shellfish for which Rye is justifiably renowned.

A host of scallop-themed events are planned for the festival which runs from 15th to 23rd February 2014. Details of cookery schools, shucking demonstrations, tastings, quizzes and themed music nights are all featured on the website.

Many thousands of scallops will be served in the restaurants of Rye during the festival in a variety of exciting ways. Webbe’s seared scallops with caramelised apple, black pudding and cider sauce is a great favourite and international themed scallop dishes will feature at The Ship Inn’s, Scallops of the World Unite evening. The famous Mermaid Inn is featuring butter-poached, smoked and pan-fried scallop dishes on its menu, whilst Simply Italian promises a scallop themed risotto.

Webbe’s at the Fish Cafe will be running its popular Scallop School where you can learn to prepare and then devour six scrumptious courses including dishes such as carpaccio of scallop and scallop cerviche.

A fun night of Scallop Bingo will be on offer at the cosy Standard Inn during the Rye Bay Scallop Week and there will also be a fun Scallop Quiz for seafood aficionados and anyone else keen to test their shellfish and general knowledge.

Once, medieval Rye reserved its wonderful fresh mackerel, sole and whiting for the King and the royal court but now its domestic fishing fleet at Simmons Quay at the easterly entrance to the town is proud to land fish daily for Rye and its visitors. Scallops are one of the main “catches” at this time of year and the season is short but they are at their absolute succulent best in February.

Celebrate the scallop by visiting Rye during the festival and try them for yourself.

                        It’s shucking time again!

Rye Bay Scallop Week in Rye, East Sussex offers the perfect opportunity to indulge in seafood delights! Our restaurants will be showcasing an array of different scallop dishes. There will also be Scallop events including tasting events, cookery schools and demonstrations, live music and more!

Rye Bay scallops are served in many restaurants in the area throughout the Scallop season so if you can’t wait for Rye Bay Scallop Week, contact the restaurants on this site to see if scallops are on the menu.

Browse ingredients on the right to find scallop dishes to tantalise your taste buds.

Don’t forget to book your restaurant or call before you arrive to avoid disappointment.

                                     Scallop Facts

•“The cheapest sea-towne for provision of fish for our house.” King Charles 1, 1628 speaking of Rye

•There are more than 300 species of scallop in the world!

•You can tell the age of a scallop by its shell, one ring forms each year

•Scallops can be traced back 300 million years in fossil form

•The scallop is a mollusc and the only bivalve that can swim

•The scallop is an excellent source of protein, calcium, iron and vitamin B12

•The orange roe in a scallop is called coral

•Scallops are delicious!


•Tour of the Ancient Port Date and time TBA •Win a Mini for the Weekend Throughout Rye Bay Scallop Week

14 & 21 •Brede Farmers’ Market 10am – 12pm

14 •The Mercurials @ The Queen’s Head 8:30pm

14•The Big Blue Band @ Ypres Castle Inn Friday 9:30pm 15,

16 & 22 •Scallop Demo and Luncheon at Webbe’s 11:30am – 3pm

15 & 22 •Scallops on Stage@ The Ship Inn from 6:30pm

15 •Jazz Night @ Ship Winchelsea Beach 8pm

15 •Talisman @ The Queen’s Head 8:30pm

15 •1066 Rockitmen @ The Pipemakers Arms 9pm

16 & 23 •Scallops and Sabrage@ The Rye Lodge Midday

16 •Nevermind the Scallops @ The Ship Inn 5pm – 9pm 16 •Tener Duede @ Ypres Castle Inn 7pm

17, 18 & 24 •Webbe’s Scallop School 9:15am – 3:30pm

19 •Rye Farmers’ Market 10am – 12pm

19 •Scallops of the World Unite @ The Ship Inn 7pm

20 •Pub Quiz @ The Ship Winchelsea Beach 7:30pm

20 •Penguin @ The Queen’s Head 8:30pm

21 •Modern Day Music Hall with the Rye Wurlitzer 6:45pm

21 •The Fabulous Red Diesel @ Ypres Castle Inn 7pm – 9pm

21 •Scallop Bash @ Landgate Bistro 7pm

22 •Ryesingers Gilbert and Sullivan Concert 7:30pm

23 •What a Load of Scallops – Scallop Race 10am. – In its 5 year life-span thus far, the Ship believe it would not be imodest to suggest that The What a Load of Scallops Race is now one of the central strategic pillars of the Rye Bay Scallop Week. And yet again this year the competition will be intense. After last year’s humiliating drubbing by some intruders from Brighton it’s absolutely imperative that Rye does not suffer another loss and would-be local hero Thomas Jebb, will be looking to once again restore glory to Rye by winning the prestigious “What a Load of Scallops” wooden scallop.

For anyone who wants to enter – you‘ll need a team of between 2-4 of you and the general aim is to get a wheelbarrow full of scallop shells from the fisheries to the pub in the quickest time possible. Entry is £10 per team and the proceeds go to the local Lifeboats. Race begins at 10am sharp. To get involved email theo@theshipinnrye. THE RACE TAKES PLACE AT 10am.

23 •The Desert Turkeys @ Ypres Castle Inn 7pm.

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