Rye Medieval Festival 2004

The order of Longbowmen present

“The Siege of Rye”

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July

On the Town and Fair Salts

Thanks to Rye Partnership’s successful EU bid, under Interreg 111A, Rye and our longbowmen are partnering the French village of Folleville to strengthen the links between us with funding to enhance both Medieval Festivals, ours in July and theirs in August. This funding will also support a proposed Medieval Conference here in 2006, the creation of a Medieval Trail around the town, the illumination of the Landgate and most important of all, essential restoration work on the Ypres Tower. The overall plan is to eventually make Rye an important centre for Medieval study.

“The Siege of Rye” is a two day FREE event with a Great Archery Tournament and displays of Medieval archery skills, Skirmishes in the streets and Battle on the Salts and a Fair with authentic trades, crafts and skills with entertainment and Living History, not forgetting food and ale.


The Folleville event “Les Medievales de Folleville..une foire au Moyen-age” takes place in the grounds of the ancient chateau they are working to restore on 28th and 29th August and contingents from Rye and Folleville will be taking part in each others Festivals.


The Seige of Rye
The Seige of Rye

FIRE : with the lighter with flint PAINTING : enluminure (medieval pigments and gold), polychromy on stone METAL : forge, bimbelotery (signs, méreaux run and struck…) TEXTILE : spinning, dyeing (ex: sheets of waide), weaving, embroidery… CERAMIQUE: squares of pavement, bulbs of pilgrimage. WOOD, OS : tablettery with the turn with bow, manufacture of arcs and arrows LEATHER : seams with wild boar silks BASKET MAKING : wicker, braided straw, cords…PLANTS : medicine, cosmetics, spices and aromatics, crowns of flowers… TIR A the ARC Other activities in preparation: stained glass, pottery with the turn, bakery, heraldic projects for a fixed site: bronze, blown glass, ceramics cooking


penmanship, enluminure, spinning, weaving, striking the méreaux one, clay, leather, shooting with the arc, etc.


1 to 2 tents, 5 to 9 gravers out of wooden and fabric. The craftsmen cook their meal (soup with wild grasses…) and sleep on the spot. Their children have fun with old toys.


PILGRIMS , MENESTRIERS , TRAVELLING ACROBATS , a HAWKER , who grouped to travel in safety, make halt in your good city.

Jacquets, on the way for Compostelle, content their adventures with which wants to hear them. The musicians leave rebec, hurdy-gurdy with bow, psaltérion, toothing-stone, galoubet, tambourine, to give the dawn serenade, and to teach some steps of dance to the visitors. The actors present the fabliaux disrespectful ones, while the hawker unpacks his bimbelotery.

They cook their meals and sleep on the spot (to 8 tents)

The group “the Picardy oeuvriers” was created only in 2003, but several of its members have years of experiment in historical animation and/or craft industry, in other associations or on a purely professional basis.

Rye’s Own August 2004

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