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Barry Knocks 15 Minutes Off Record

History was made by three riders from the Rye Wheelers in the East Sussex Cycling Association 100 Mile Time Trial on 11 July. This was the first occasion in the club’s 120 year history that a team has competed in a “100”.

The results were brilliant too. All three riders completed the gruelling course.r1Mark Nash, Jon Beasley and Barry Goodsell pictured before the start
of the E.S.C.A. "100"

Barry Goodsell in 4 hours 48 minutes and 47 seconds, knocking a massive 15 minutes off his existing “100” club record. He was placed 16 in a 60 strong field and was the winner of the Handicap Competition. Jon Beasley, riding his first ever time trial matched Barry for speed until the seventy mile mark where he was only 5 minutes slower than the senior rider, but from this point his times dropped away and he finished in 5-08-10, less than three minutes outside Barry’s old record time. Jon’s effort earned him the young rider award. Mark Nash, riding the event for the second year, recorded 5-31-39, fifteen minutes better than his 2003 effort and good enough to get him second spot on Handicap. The total team time of 15-28-36 establishes a club team record.

Intermediate Times

Barry Jon Mark 32 Miles 1-33-30 1-33-40 1-37-30

40 Miles 1-59-00 2-01-00 2-10-00

51 Miles 2-27-30 2-30-58 2-38-00

72 Miles 3-30-00 3-35-00 3-55-00

90 Miles 4-20-00 4-40-00 5-06-00

100 Miles 4-48-37 5-08-10 5-31-39

Rye even came out on top with the friendly rivalry with the Hastings Club. Barry just bettering the time of Ian Hendry by 5 minutes and Mark outdoing Chris Parker by two minutes. Competition against Hastings has been going on since 1883!

Mention must be made of the ‘fourth member’ of the Rye team. Gary Booth handed up water and sponges throughout the event, dashing up and down the course making sure the boys were okay.

Well done to you all, Even ‘Curly’ Price would have been proud of you.

Mentioned in “BONK”

The Wheelers Fun Day Fund-raising event was mentioned in “BONK” the official magazine of the East Sussex Cycling Association.
The publication, edited and produced by Esther and Maurice Carpenter has been running for over sixty years.

Wheelers Take Part in 100k. Audax Trial

Gary Booth, Jim Hollands and Jon Beasley rode the San Fairy Ann C.C. 100k. (62 Mile) “Fairly Flat” Audax Reliability Trial on Sunday 18 July.

Setting off from Bethersden at 10am. in weather the forty strong group were soon battling the elements as they made their way towards the Romney Marshes. By the time they got to Appledore the Rye contingent, working as a team, were away from the main body of riders with just one small group ahead of them. They were joined by experienced Audax competitor Chris Avery of the Charlotteville Cycling Club. He has ridden in these events all over the country and chose to ride with the Wheelers because they were “working hard together as a team and offered steady wheels to shelter behind”. He proved a great asset, reading the route from a sheet in a waterproof cover on his handlebars.

The complicated route, through obscure country lanes on the Marsh, led first to Dungeness and then to Hythe where there were Audax Controls. Then it was over the hills back to Bethersden. By the finish there were just two riders ahead of the Wheelers group. The ride was enjoyed by all, no doubt there will be more riders from the club having a go next year.

Evening “10” Competition


Latest standings

Barry Goodsell 72 points

Jim Hollands 70 points

Mark Nash 62 points Gary Booth 16 points

Kevin Hall 21 points

Granville Bantick 16 points

From Rye’s Own August 2004

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