The Siege Of Rye

Photographs Courtesy of Pixels

Creative Digital Photography 4 Cinque Ports Street

The Siege of Rye (Rye Medieval Festival) proved to be as brilliant as ever despite some problem with funding obtained by the Rye Partnership. Continue reading The Siege Of Rye

Rye Medieval Festival 2004

The order of Longbowmen present

“The Siege of Rye”

Saturday 17th and Sunday 18th July

On the Town and Fair Salts

Thanks to Rye Partnership’s successful EU bid, under Interreg 111A, Rye and our longbowmen are partnering the French village of Folleville to strengthen the links between us with funding to enhance both Medieval Festivals, ours in July and theirs in August. This funding will also support a proposed Medieval Conference here in 2006, the creation of a Medieval Trail around the town, the illumination of the Landgate and most important of all, essential restoration work on the Ypres Tower. The overall plan is to eventually make Rye an important centre for Medieval study. Continue reading Rye Medieval Festival 2004