Cinque Ports Nonsense

By Jim Hollands

“What is all this Cinque Ports nonsense” I was asked by an old ‘Cockney’ gentleman the other day.

“Not half as complicated as the origins of the old ‘cockney’ tradition of sewing hundreds of buttons on jackets, trousers and hats.” was all I could think of as a reply.

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Lianne Fleet Graduation

On 21st July 2009 Lianne Fleet, aged 21, an ex student of Battle Abbey School, graduated from the prestigious Royal Veterinary College (RVC) with a BSc(Hons) Degree in BioVeterinary Science. Watching the ceremony which was held at the magnificent Guildhall in London were Lianne’s proud parents Kevin & Amanda who live in Brede with their other two children James (18) and George (6). Lianne is at present only one of two students chosen to work a summer studentship at Pfizer a leading pharmaceutical company, in Sandwich Kent, which is the company’s European Headquarters for Research & Development. Lianne, granddaughter of local businessman Ted Fleet, will then be returning to RVC in September for a Post Graduate Masters Degree in Veterinary Epidemiology and hopes to achieve a doctorate and pursue a career in Biological R&D.

From “Rye’s Own Supplement August 09

The Boat Builders of Rye Part Two


The Hoad Ship Building Yard in Rye was famous for the first class vessels produced there but it was George Smith and his brother Thomas who are remembered by some senior citizens of this town as ‘the boat builders of Rye’ Continue reading The Boat Builders of Rye Part Two