Carl is Rye’s King of Swing

Carl is Rye’s King of Swing

Rye man Carl Spencer and his famous Nighthawks Orchestra have become known in the music industry as ‘Kings of Swing’. Their versatile music stems from the days of Spencer’s Washboard Kings of the sixties and
early seventies. Continue reading Carl is Rye’s King of Swing


                          Popular Wedding Venue

Its a long time since Rye’s Own carried a wedding on the front page, 1970 if memory serves us correctly. The delightful picture made by the Town Crier leading newly weds Lianne and Dean Mitchell, with baby son Ruben and two lovely bridesmaids from the Town Hall down Lion Street was a picture we could not resist. Continue reading Editorial

Town Crier

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The Power of Words

I was very humbled when Thomas Peacocke Head Teacher Ann Cockerham told me of an assembly they had with the Christmas Festival as a theme. Continue reading Town Crier

The Temperance Seven

The Temperance Seven Golden Jubilee
The Temperance Seven Golden Jubilee

The Temperance Seven were formed at the Royal College of Art during 1957. The band usually had nine members (one over the eight!) and dressed in the style appropriate to the late 1920s ‘white’ jazz they played. This is their Jubilee Year and they were many peoples Rye Festival Favourites. Their appearance at the Thomas Peacocke on Saturday 8 September was a sell out, over 300 people attended and were treated to an evening of pure entertainment. Old songs and even older jokes (the old ones are the best ones) kept the audience tapping their feet and laughing from start to finish. Continue reading The Temperance Seven

Day Centre Picnic

The Day Centre picnic, in its third year now, went really well. There were over 70 guests, all elderly. To defy the rain which was forecast organisers begged, borrowed and stole gazebos and hijacked their owners to help erect them. The ploy was successful as the rain stayed away! For entertainment a lady piper was hired, and in full highland dress, marched down the field playing as she went – wonderful. Continue reading Day Centre Picnic

Selling Off the Family Silver

Every town has possessions that have been accrued over the years. Rye is no exception, at one time the Borough Council owned more than half the dwellings and ground within the Rye boundaries. Continue reading Selling Off the Family Silver

Row Over Rye Primary

Another Report From June 2007 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

Despite Rye Town Council’s approval of the plans for the new Primary School on ground adjacent to the Thomas Peacocke there are many who think the construction of the £6.5m. building on the proposed site is ill advised and detrimental to the education of Rye children.
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