Popular Wedding Venue

Its a long time since Rye’s Own carried a wedding on the front page, 1970 if memory serves us correctly. The delightful picture made by the Town Crier leading newly weds Lianne and Dean Mitchell, with baby son Ruben and two lovely bridesmaids from the Town Hall down Lion Street was a picture we could not resist.

Rye Town Hall is host to many weddings, it has become established as one of the most popular local civic ceremony venues. Its historic setting of the council chamber and the added attraction of the Town Crier make getting married here a colourful, memorable event.

Details of how to book the Town Hall for a wedding can be obtained from the Town Clerk’s Office at the Town Hall. Tel : 01797 223902

                          £5 for a can of coke!

The holiday season is in full swing and several businesses have been reporting better year on year June figures than those of the abysmal early season. A lot of this may be due to the staggering of school holidays, excessive prices on the Continent are keeping people at home too. One lady reported paying £5 for a can of coke in Florence.

                                  Help Needed

Well done the Chamber of Commerce cardboard squad. There they stand at Jempson’s / Budgens on a Thursday evening from 5-6pm. rain or shine. Volunteers to a man (and lady). The Chamber are looking for extra volunteers to help on Thursday evenings.

                        Hundreds Attended

Despite Weather Girl Kaddy Lee-Preston’s non appearance the 2008 Rye Goes Rock show at the Thomas Peacocke was a resounding success. Hundreds attended throughout the afternoon and evening and were rewarded with a non stop array of bands and performers covering the music spectrum from Folk to Rock.

The Bonfire Drummers attended and young Rodney Booth (pictured bottom left), younger brother of the famous racing cyclist Gary, took time out to enjoy the fun.

                     We Do Make Mistakes!

In every “Rye’s Own” you will find mistakes, but this time there may be even more than usual. A massive computer failure which robbed us of almost three quarters of the magazine contents happened on the day we planned to go to print.

Working almost continuously for 24 hours we have rewritten and rearranged the contents. At this moment, two hours before we start printing we are still searching for a lost advertisement. So bear with us if you find the odd blunder here and there.

We cannot blame the computer, the poor thing was so full up it couldn’t keep up, and blew a gasket.

Rye’s Own July 2008

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