The Ultimate Kick In The Teeth

   Government Inspector Rules Homes Should Be Built

                                         By The Editor

This is one story I dreaded I would have to report but as I have recorded many times in these pages over the past two years, it was a foregone conclusion. Continue reading The Ultimate Kick In The Teeth

Rye’s New Mayor

Rye’s new Mayor, Councillor Sam Souster, was sworn on May Day as the latest in a long line of Rye Mayors stretching back hundreds of years. Continue reading Rye’s New Mayor


Some very late news has just come in – Arthur Woodgate has, at last, got a pint of shrimps! The fishmonger at Jempsons Peasmarsh has found a source and from now on there will be shrimps next to the prawns on his slab. Continue reading Editorial

Row Over Rye Primary

Another Report From June 2007 Issue of “Rye’s Own”

Despite Rye Town Council’s approval of the plans for the new Primary School on ground adjacent to the Thomas Peacocke there are many who think the construction of the £6.5m. building on the proposed site is ill advised and detrimental to the education of Rye children.
Continue reading Row Over Rye Primary

Tesco Store a Fait Accompli

Rye M.P. Michael Foster revealed at a meeting aimed at stopping the giant retail chain Tesco from coming to Rye that “It’s a done deal” and there is very little that can be done to prevent a large store being built on the Ferry Road old Primary School site unless Rother District Council refuses planning permission. Even then Tesco could appeal to the Secretary for State who has the power to over ride the local refusal. Continue reading Tesco Store a Fait Accompli