List of Newsagents and Outlets

Bargain Box                      –       Cinque Ports Street

Jempsons                          –       Station Approach

Adams                                –       High Street

Skinners Cost Cutter     –      Fishmarket Road

Tilling Newsagents      –       Tilling Green

Jempsons                        –       Peasmarsh

Iden Stores                     –       Iden

Jempsons                        –       Northiam

Salts Farm Shop            –      East Guldeford

Appledore Newsagents  – Appledore



Jempson’s Beat the Big Freeze February 2010

Big Freeze Causes No Major Disruption for Jempson’s

Despite the dramatic big freeze and sustained bad weather that has disrupted life across the country, the Jempson’s Peasmarsh Superstore, Jempson’s/Budgens Supermarkets and Jempson’s Cafes all managed to remain open throughout and operate near enough as usual. Continue reading Jempson’s Beat the Big Freeze February 2010


Some very late news has just come in – Arthur Woodgate has, at last, got a pint of shrimps! The fishmonger at Jempsons Peasmarsh has found a source and from now on there will be shrimps next to the prawns on his slab. Continue reading Editorial