Rye Councillors Throw Out Building Plan for Tilling Green

Our Elected Councillors Do Their Best – But Their Objections will be overuled

By Jim Hollands

Well done Rye Town Council for objecting to the Tilling Green ‘money spinning building plan’ – Pity it will make no difference – Rye Town Council have only advisory powers – And the ‘Power of Well-Being’ – whatever that is.

There should be no building there at all – Leave the old school in the capable hands of the people of Tilling Green as a VIABLE Community Centre and recreational grounds for the 2000 plus people who live on the estate. Continue reading Rye Councillors Throw Out Building Plan for Tilling Green

Lions Aid Uganda

Rye and District Lions were pleased to host an illustrated talk about a charitable initiative in Uganda. Last year Rye Lions made a donation to Natasha Winton of Northiam towards her planned visit to Uganda. Continue reading Lions Aid Uganda


As we go to press the Wild Boar Festival is in full swing. Well done Ollie Campion and his team for the terrific job in organising and publicising the event, which is proving to be another visitor puller in this, the off season. Continue reading Editorial

Tilling Green Centre

Rye Town Amateur Boxing Club are now affiliated with the Amateur Boxing Association of England and will be competing across the UK as early as November. Continue reading Tilling Green Centre

Tilling Green Community Centre

Will County Allow Tilling Green to Use the Ex-Primary School as a Community Centre?

By Jim Hollands

Do I detect a weakening in County Council’s resolve NOT to let Tilling
Green use the closed school building as a Community Centre? Continue reading Tilling Green Community Centre


Some very late news has just come in – Arthur Woodgate has, at last, got a pint of shrimps! The fishmonger at Jempsons Peasmarsh has found a source and from now on there will be shrimps next to the prawns on his slab. Continue reading Editorial

Rye News In Brief

Coffee Morning To Raise Cash For Museum

A Coffee morning will be held in the Castle Museum’s East Street section on Saturday 19th November, from 10.30 to 12.00. There will be delicious home made cakes with coffee or tea. All are welcome. Continue reading Rye News In Brief

Rye’s Allotment Gardens

Don’t Lose Your Heritage!

By Mary Smith

I am a relative newcomer to Rye and a keen, if inept, allotment holder. I would like to encourage other gardeners and would-be gardeners to become allotment holders. Continue reading Rye’s Allotment Gardens

Rye Pop Groups

Another Report from January 2004 Issue “Rye’s Own”

Kevin Williams, ‘Master of Ceremonies’ of last month’s galaxy of local musicians at the Community Centre, remarked that musical talent had come a long way in Rye since the sixties when the only Rye pop group were the “Rye Toffs”. Continue reading Rye Pop Groups

My England?

By Jimper

“England, you are the weakest link – Goodbye!”

England, what is happening to my England? Once a proud nation now rapidly becoming a third world power. No longer do we have our destiny in our hands – it is now controlled by other Countries. We have not got an English Government it is made up of Welsh and Scottish members they have control of their own destiny and representatives in our Parliament. Englishmen are not represented in theirs. We live on an island but are not allowed to catch our own fish unless the men in Brussels say so. Continue reading My England?