Rye Raft Race 2012

Sun shines on the Lions Raft Race and Fete

By Conrad Freezer

This year, despite the dubious weather forecast, the sun shone on a record crowd at the Annual Rye Raft Race and Fete organised by Rye and District Lions Club. This was the 34th Race organised by the Lions who usually expect some 5,000 members of the public to attend. However, this year the numbers were so great that they found it impossible to estimate how many turned up for the event, but many, many more than ever before. The queues for both the barbecue and the Continue reading Rye Raft Race 2012

The Jempson Foundation Has Made A Donation To The Conduit Hill Based Community Centre


The period buildings main hall ceiling required urgent replacement, which now nearing completion, was necessary for the continuing use by many volunteer organisations, who are the main users of the hall. Continue reading The Jempson Foundation Has Made A Donation To The Conduit Hill Based Community Centre

Lions Aid Uganda

Rye and District Lions were pleased to host an illustrated talk about a charitable initiative in Uganda. Last year Rye Lions made a donation to Natasha Winton of Northiam towards her planned visit to Uganda. Continue reading Lions Aid Uganda

Knockout for the Lions

The Lions of Zone 2B, from the Clubs of Battle, Bexhill, Eastbourne, Hailsham, Hastings, Rye and Uckfield joined together to host their twelfth “It’s A Special Knockout” day for handicapped people at St Bede’s School, Upper Dicker. Continue reading Knockout for the Lions

Great Raft Race of 2010

Rye Raft Race Draws the Bank Holiday Crowds

Rye and District Lions were delighted with the huge crowd of spectators that turned out to watch their 32nd Annual Rye Raft Race on Sunday. Despite many other attractions on a Bank Holiday weekend the public from Rye
and its surrounding area supported the event in record numbers, an estimated 5,000. Continue reading Great Raft Race of 2010

Pen & Ink

Dear Editor

What a outstanding display in the Old Town for Jack in the Green. The shops really made an effort with the embellishments, there was greenery and ribbons throughout the area. It went really well with the Morris Dancers. Praise for the Old Town. What a shame that some of the day was spoiled by the power cut.

Pam Smith

Bexhill Continue reading Pen & Ink

The Raft Race is Back

      Orgasmatronics Win 2004 Raft Race

Rye Bonfire Boys and Rye Lions brought back the Raft Race after a years absence. Entries were low, only three rafts competed on the revised course, but great fun was had by those that took part and the spectators who urged them on. Continue reading The Raft Race is Back