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Dear Editor

What a outstanding display in the Old Town for Jack in the Green. The shops really made an effort with the embellishments, there was greenery and ribbons throughout the area. It went really well with the Morris Dancers. Praise for the Old Town. What a shame that some of the day was spoiled by the power cut.

Pam Smith


Dear Editor

I am a regular reader of Rye’s Own and decided to venture into Hastings Town. I just had to write and congratulate you and your team on another great publication. I was enthralled by the article, telling the story of the ‘Amstadam’ written by Jenny Ridd. I look forward to visiting the site on the beach where the dinosaur footprint is, my grandson will love it. I wait in anticipation for the next issue and enclose cheque for regular subscription.

Mr. Blackhall                                                  Hailsham

Dear Editor  

As the only international volunteer service organization in China, Lions clubs are responding to immediate and long-term needs.

Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) announced that it is mobilizing $1.5 million to aid Lions-led relief efforts in China. Lions are already responding to the massive earthquake that struck Sichuan Province in China on Monday, May 12. Lions in Hong Kong and Macau have raised $600,000 and LCIF has committed an initial grant of $500,000 to address immediate needs and provide medicines, clothing, blankets, water purification and temporary housing. Lions have already sent 5,000 tents for displaced victims, and more are on the way. Through a vast network of Lions clubs members in Hong Kong and China, Lions are also dispatching relief teams to the affected areas to deliver supplies and assist with hands-on relief efforts.

“As the only international volunteer service organization in the China, Lions Clubs International Foundation is working hand in hand with Lions in the area to assess and address immediate needs. Through our grassroots network of Lions in the affected communities, we are able to get relief supplies to those in the most need very quickly,” said Lions Clubs International Foundation Chairperson Jimmy Ross. Similar to Lions’ response to other worldwide natural disasters, LCIF expects donations from Lions around the world to surpass $400,000 in the first week. These immediate funds will help address immediate needs. Additional funds raised from Lions in the coming weeks will go toward long-term reconstruction and rehabilitation needs such as housing, schools and eye health care.

Lions have a long history of working with the Chinese government to provide humanitarian service. Since 2002, Lions Clubs International has been the first and only international volunteer service group to be officially recognized by the Chinese government. China’s government issued an executive order that was countersigned by the Chinese premier to officially establish two pilot Lions clubs in Shenzhen and Guangdong. Today, there are 1,655 Lions clubs members in 79 clubs in China in addition to 1,429 Lions in 62 clubs in Hong Kong and Macau.

To support Lions’ relief efforts, contributions donations should be sent to Reg Emson, 22 New Winchelsea Road, Rye, TN31 7TA made out to “Lions China Earthquake Disaster Relief Fund”.

Conrad Freezer                                         Rye Lions

Dear Editor

I have been trying to get a copy of Hastings Town, but am unable to obtain one anywhere. Would it be possible to have a yearly subscription. Could you also publish where they are available?

Mick Brian                                             Hastings

Sorry you have had so much trouble Mick. Most newsagents stock the magazine, a list can be seen on page five. Subscriptions are available at £24 per year (inland) and £36 per year overseas.

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“Hastings Town” June 2008

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