Rye in The Fifties

The town of Rye in the fifties was a hive of activity and no one saw the changes that loomed on the distant horizon. Then all England was starting to come together after the war and things were returning to normal. Everyone that wanted a job was able to find one in Rye. Everything that the tradesman or housewife needed was accessible in one or other of the shops and little needed to be transported from afar. Two major builders’ yards supplied the town with craftsmen and any timber required could be sourced from the timber yard that was supplied by ship to the Strand. Continue reading Rye in The Fifties

Lions Aid Rye Playgroup

At their existing premises in Ferry Road, Rye Pre-school Playgroup at present take children from 2 to 5 years old from 8am to 5pm 50 weeks of the year. They are opening another unit at Tilling Green Community Centre next January to cater for toddlers below 2 years old. Continue reading Lions Aid Rye Playgroup

March 2010 – Tesco or Houses?

Tesco or Houses?

By Jim Hollands

At the time of writing (26 March 2010), Rye is waiting to hear who are going to be the new owners of the old Primary School in Ferry Road.
A meeting arranged ‘behind closed doors’ is expected to resolve who will be the purchaser.
Will it be Tesco, who have an option on the Adelaide Pub? To get their plans passed Tesco would need this because the main entrance is obstructed by ground Continue reading March 2010 – Tesco or Houses?

Accident Waiting to Happen

From Rye’s Own July 2008 Supplement

Ferry Road is an accident waiting to happen. This was the message Councillor Mary Smith brought to the Council Chamber on Monday 23 June.

Councillor Smith told the meeting that she had been ‘bombarded’ with cries for assistance from local residents who told her of the great danger Ferry Road now presented, especially from heavy lorries that regularly mount the curb. Continue reading Accident Waiting to Happen

Town Crier


News and Gossip Pages

By The Editor

The Price of Land

The piece of land adjacent to the railway between the Mill and Ferry Road, plus another small parcel of ground opposite was sold at action to a developer for £210,000. This was £200,000 over the estimated £5,000 to £10,000 that was the guide price. Continue reading Town Crier

Town Crier March 2006

By The Editor

Bowing to Pressure

It seems that the spotlight that “Rye’s Own” and the “Rye Observer” have been putting on the unfair favouritism shown towards Bexhill to the detriment of Rye, Battle and the villages by Rother District Council has embarrassed the Rother Cabinet. Continue reading Town Crier March 2006

Rye Fawkes 2005

Bonfire Flag Will Fly Over the Landgate

On Saturday 12 November the Bonfire Boys flag will fly over the Landgate as it has done so many times in the past. It is hoisted before dawn so that Ryers can see it announcing the big day in the Bonfire Society year from first light. Continue reading Rye Fawkes 2005