Accident Waiting to Happen

From Rye’s Own July 2008 Supplement

Ferry Road is an accident waiting to happen. This was the message Councillor Mary Smith brought to the Council Chamber on Monday 23 June.

Councillor Smith told the meeting that she had been ‘bombarded’ with cries for assistance from local residents who told her of the great danger Ferry Road now presented, especially from heavy lorries that regularly mount the curb.

“Rye’s Own” had a look and was surprised to see the amount of damage done by lorries doing just that. According to the Highway Code pavements are for people. There was a time when a policeman would not allow any vehicle to put even one wheel off the road, even for unloading. The damage to pavements in Ferry Road and Udimore Road shows that large vehicles have mounted and moved as far as the centre of the pavement. Flagstones are crushed in many places and almost all the drain cover seals and surrounds have been destroyed completely. Any service pipes under the pavements are in permanent danger of being disrupted.

At the meeting County Councillor Udimore Road said that he would look into the possibility of a crossing and after Councillor Smith’s intervention also promised to get the Highways Department to take a look at other safety aspects in Ferry Road..

Accident on Udimore Road
Accident on Udimore Road

Councillor Udimore Road drew attention to the fact that building 130 houses at the back of Udimore Road would put extra strain on both Udimore Road and Ferry Road and provision must be made now to prepare for the congestion that will come when this happens.

Rye’s Own July 2008 Supplement