March 2010 – Tesco or Houses?

Tesco or Houses?

By Jim Hollands

At the time of writing (26 March 2010), Rye is waiting to hear who are going to be the new owners of the old Primary School in Ferry Road.
A meeting arranged ‘behind closed doors’ is expected to resolve who will be the purchaser.
Will it be Tesco, who have an option on the Adelaide Pub? To get their plans passed Tesco would need this because the main entrance is obstructed by ground Continue reading March 2010 – Tesco or Houses?

Down by the Riverside

When Ryers were young they used to walk hand in hand along the ‘MonkeyWalk’ and sit on the seat by the river. Today there is so much rubbish and filth on the bank alongside the path that runs from the Tillingham Bridge in Ferry Road to the Windmill, it fails to be the romantic place it once was. Alas, since Rother District Council took over the running of Rye the town has gradually deteriorated. Continue reading Down by the Riverside