Down by the Riverside

When Ryers were young they used to walk hand in hand along the ‘MonkeyWalk’ and sit on the seat by the river. Today there is so much rubbish and filth on the bank alongside the path that runs from the Tillingham Bridge in Ferry Road to the Windmill, it fails to be the romantic place it once was. Alas, since Rother District Council took over the running of Rye the town has gradually deteriorated.

The picture above illustrates just a small section of the bank which has now become more like a rubbish tip. This is just one of many spots in the town that have been neglected. The Rye in Bloom volunteers have been clearing many of these eyesores but some members feel they are being made fools of by the authority that should be doing the job, and have decided that they will stop clearing and start complaining.

                 Vandalism or Attempted Murder?

The large window in the Main Entrance door of the Swimming Pool was smashed recently. CCTV cameras picked out young, possibly pre-teens, throwing stones. So much force was used it broke a hardened glass window. It is rumoured that no action will be taken because the youngster responsible was not intending to hit the window, he (or s he ) wa s ju s t throwing stones at another child sitting on the wall in front of the window. Innocent of intent to break the window but would that mean, with the undoubted force used, that the stone thrower was attempting to hit, maim or kill the targeted child?

“Rye’s Own” September 2005

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