Rye in The Fifties

The town of Rye in the fifties was a hive of activity and no one saw the changes that loomed on the distant horizon. Then all England was starting to come together after the war and things were returning to normal. Everyone that wanted a job was able to find one in Rye. Everything that the tradesman or housewife needed was accessible in one or other of the shops and little needed to be transported from afar. Two major builders’ yards supplied the town with craftsmen and any timber required could be sourced from the timber yard that was supplied by ship to the Strand. Continue reading Rye in The Fifties


                               The Fight for Rye

The recent public meeting at the Thomas Peacocke illustrated, with vivid clarity, the way Rye is being manipulated by power politics and big business. Continue reading Editorial

Rye in Bloom

By The Editor

What an effort the people of Tilling Green are putting in to help Rye win the Britain in Bloom Competition. Continue reading Rye in Bloom

Jimper’s Jottings

Jimper’s Jottings

It really gets to me the way that Rother District Council can raise the car parking fees in Rye just to patch up a hole in their overspending. Do they have any idea that the people who come to Rye for the weekend arrive to enjoy the beauty of the town? Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings

Station Approach 1928

This was the scene at the top of Station Approach 1928. The pretty house has gone now and has been replaced by the Post Office. Geering & Colyer, whose office was on the opposite side of the street facing their large advertising board that was a familiar sight to all those that travelled by bus or train, have gone. Vidler & Co., their building can be seen on the left, are gone. Continue reading Station Approach 1928