The Strand Gate


By Arthur Woodgate

There is not much doubt that Rye was an exciting place to live when it had a lot more water round and about it and was still complete with all its gates and lots of its walls. Continue reading The Strand Gate

Jimper’s Jottings April 2006

Long Live “Rye Royal”

At last its Spring again and with luck I will feel warmer. All this Winter I have felt cold, no matter what I wore or how hot I made my office. Others would gasp at the temperature on entering yet I was still cold. I remember the days not so long ago when Winter meant nothing but inconvenience having to wear rubber boots and something to keep the rain off. But that was before I suffered a stroke and developed diabetes, now my hands are numb all the time and I feel the cold. How old people cope is a miracle and now they are to close the place they could obtain daytime relief. I hope the beurocrats that made this decision get old and suffer alone. Serve them right. I am not one to wish harm on anyone but I truly hope they realise, in their twilight years, what problems they caused for many disabled Rye citizens and their carers in 2006. Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings April 2006

Jimper’s Jottings

Jimper’s Jottings

It really gets to me the way that Rother District Council can raise the car parking fees in Rye just to patch up a hole in their overspending. Do they have any idea that the people who come to Rye for the weekend arrive to enjoy the beauty of the town? Continue reading Jimper’s Jottings