Day Centre Picnic

The Day Centre picnic, in its third year now, went really well. There were over 70 guests, all elderly. To defy the rain which was forecast organisers begged, borrowed and stole gazebos and hijacked their owners to help erect them. The ploy was successful as the rain stayed away! For entertainment a lady piper was hired, and in full highland dress, marched down the field playing as she went – wonderful.

Doing the Lambeth Walk at the Day Centre Picnic
Doing the Lambeth Walk at the Day Centre Picnic

With regard to funding – The Day Centre does not receive any statutory funding so relies heavily on its own fund-raising activities. They will be holding another brass band concert (Cranbrook Town Band) at the Thomas Peacocke on Saturday 29th September at 7.30pm. £10 per ticket to include supper and beverage. Last years concert was really successful and raised about £800 which was a fantastic boost to the funds. Contact Kate Head on 01797 270459 for tickets/information.Picnik2

“Rye’s Own” August 2007

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