Rye Town Council 2007

The Rye Town Council of May 2007. Back row left to right : Councillor Ian Potter, Councillor Granville Bantick, Councillor Jonathon Breeds, Councillor Frank Continue reading Rye Town Council 2007

Work Starts on Rye Harbour ‘Safeway’

Work Starts on the “Safe-way”

As readers are aware, a feasibility study for a Cycle Footway for the length of the Rye Harbour Road was made by East Sussex County Council as long ago as April 2005. The whole route, from the village to the river bridge was included, however due to the length of the route, detailed design and implementation has to be done in a number of phases. Continue reading Work Starts on Rye Harbour ‘Safeway’

Residual Railway Land at Rye

Residual Railway Land at Rye

At the recent meeting of the Marshlink Partnership it was revealed that a sections of Railway land on both sides of the line between the Tillingham and the Ferry Road Crossing are being considered for railway or integrated transport uses. Continue reading Residual Railway Land at Rye