Action Speaks Louder Than Words

Rye Council’s Safety Advisory Committee chose action rather than words by opting for establishing a ‘Local Action Team’ instead of a ‘Rye Crime and Disorder Forum’ to help the police tackle the mounting number of incidents in the town.

policeThis doll was pictured 'guarding' Rye Police Station one Sunday afternoon in the height of the summer season. There were hundreds of visitors walking the streets but not one policeman was observed. The door was closed, the one point of communication the phone on the wall, the phone that keeps the public waiting for many minutes and then explains politely that as the officer is talking from Lewes he does not know the streets of Rye and can do little to help.

Chief Inspector Bruce Mathews, Chairman of Rother Crime and Disorder Reduction Partnership, explained to the meeting that there were no laid down guide lines for ‘Action Teams’. They are expected to work closely with the police but have to decide on methods of action to suit the particular needs of the area.

District Councillor Bantick, Town Clerk Richard Farhall, …………. were nominated to form a small working group that will investigate the possibilites and practicalities of such a formation and point the direction that the group could take.

When challenged by ……………….. of G.R.I.P.P. (Give Rye its proper policing) about promises of more officers and preventative action in Rye made at Public Meetings earlier in the year Chief Inspector Bruce Mathews replied that he “Regretted that all expectations had not been met”.

“Gopeds” – Scooters with lawn mower engines attached – were next on the agenda. Chief Inspector Mathews made it quite clear they were not legal on

the road without a licience, road tax and insurance. They are classed in the same group as mopeds. As it is an offence to ride them on the pavements their only legal use is on private ground.

From Rye’s Own October 2003

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