Gates for the Gungardens

From “Rye’s Own June 2002

Over recent years vandals have ruined Rye’s famous Gungarden. Flowers have been torn out of the ground, the toilets have been virtually destroyed and even the guns, which weigh more than a ton, have been dragged from their positions in a crazy attempt to run them over the cliff.

On top of this the Rother District Council have neglected the area and even the trees and bushes have been allowed to grow to such a height they have obscured the magnificent views which have made this such a popular place with residents and tourists alike.

Now, at long last, money has been allocated to refurbish the Gungarden BUT NO PROVISION HAS BEEN MADE TO PROTECT THE AREA WHEN THE JOB IS DONE!

One obvious thing would be to replace the gates which were in place and closed every night until just before the War. The other entrance to the toilet should be bricked up. This would mean that any person caught inside the wall would be in there unlawfully and could be ejected and arrested by the police. There is opposition to this idea because it would cost a few shillings to pay someone to open and close the gates daily but surely this would be a cheap outlay if it helped protect the property.


The Gungarden when it had Gates
The Gungarden when it had Gates


Policing is the key to the problem. It seems that the powers that be have at last got the message that it is coppers on the beat, night and day, who are effective in curtailing the vandals and thugs that we now find on numerous occasions in the streets of Rye.

Rumour has it that the police station is to be open at least eighteen hours a day and even for twenty-four if the pressure on the Hastings police forces the re-opening of the Rye cells for ‘holding’ prisoners. A night in those cells might be a good deterrent for the local hoodlums.

The picture below was taken in the early 1950’s. This is the kind of Gungarden Rye wants. Ratepayers in this town pay for it and Rother and the Police should deliver.

Gungarden when it was a Garden
Gungarden when it was a Garden

Rye’s Own June 2002

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