Body Found Following House Fire

Body found following fire in St Leonards

Emergency services were called to a house in West Hill Road, St Leonards at around 5.35pm on Thursday (9 February) following a reported fire.

Police 2

Crews from East Sussex Fire and Rescue successfully managed to tackle the blaze which had caused extensive damage to the property.

Sadly the body of a man was found inside the house. The coroner’s officer has been informed. Continue reading Body Found Following House Fire

A Time for Common Sense

The time has come for our police and those that control them to stop playing games and get on with the job they are paid to do.

There has been an endless cry from the police for new resources and an even louder wail from politicians that the force is underfunded as though throwing money at a failing organisation can be any answer.

The resources are there for all to see, the problem is they are being used incorrectly and with little or no imagination. There are more policemen operating in Sussex today than there were in 1966. The problem is they have been Continue reading A Time for Common Sense

Highway Patrol

Routine Incident – Kilo 30

Picture and story supplied by the East Sussex Police

It was a glorious spring day and we were patrolling in the Police car, thankful for a quiet spell.

The radio crackled and came to life. “Kilo 30 go to Wellers Wood, traffic accident, ambulance sent.” We sped towards the scene, other traffic giving way to our persistent two-tone. The ambulance was just ahead of us, the blue lamp flashing the urgency of its mission. Three minutes later I was kneeling on the front bench Continue reading Highway Patrol